What are porcelain veneers?
A popular choice for an appealing smile is porcelain veneers because the process is very simple, and you get to keep more of your tooth structure. The procedure involves applying a thin shell of ceramic directly to the front and biting surfaces of your teeth. This very strong ceramic will allow realistic colors and shades to be used so that the result is very natural-looking. Getting veneers can fill gaps between your teeth, correct chips, oddly-shaped, or crooked teeth, and can cover stains. Having these issues fixed can help you attain the beautiful smile you’ve always wanted!

Will they look like normal teeth?
Veneers are very natural looking and are not affected much by stain-causing substances like tobacco and coffee. They are difficult to detect and have the appearance of normal enamel in both texture and color. Veneers are our best treatment choice if you want a natural look and the strength of normal teeth.

How durable are porcelain veneers?
The bond produced through the procedure of applying veneers is one of the most durable and strongest that exist in all of dentistry. Because the porcelain applied bonds to your natural enamel on your teeth, it bears up under incredible pressure. This is due to the micro-tags on the teeth locking onto the porcelain. However, veneers may be vulnerable to shearing of the teeth. Our expert staff can guide you in your choices, show you what porcelain veneers may look like on you and whether or not this is an option, or if a different procedure would better suit you. Veneers improve your smile for many years.

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