Dental Implants

A dental implant is created to substitute for missing teeth. These implants are permanent and safe. They are made of hollow posts that are filled with titanium, which is a safe metal for use in the body. Implants are placed in the bone right below where the missing tooth was and mimics the root of the lost tooth. As a result of this process, the bond that is created between the bone and the titanium is very strong and provides a good base for artificial teeth. Next, a replacement tooth is created that attaches into the post, providing the completed implant. This process provides an implant that has a 93% success rate for longevity.

For most patients, the process of creating and fitting dental implants takes two appointments, and each one involves a surgical procedure. During the first surgery, the titanium posts are inserted into the bone below a missing tooth. It is essential that the post bond to the bone which takes three to six months. The doctor will test the post using x-rays to ensure that the bond occurred and is strong enough to hold the implant. Impressions will be taken that will be used to make the crowns or dentures that will attach to the bonded post. These implants feel and look natural!

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